Weather Articles

Here's a collection of weather articles I've put together. Enjoy.

British Weather
St. Swithin's Day
May and June snow in the UK
British weather on various February 29th's
Warm spells in September
UK Daily Maximum Temperatures During 1999 - an article which I had published in The Journal of Meteorology in 2000
The Burns's Day Storm, 25 January 1990
Britain's coldest March night since 1965, 3 March 2001
Freezing rain over the southern half of Britain on the 23/24 January 1996
The Great Storm of 15/16 October 1987
1947 - Weatherwise something for everyone?
The summer of '69
Thunderstorm and tornado in Guildford, south-eastern England 1 August 1998

Dutch Weather
Snow over the Netherlands on the 23rd/24 February 2001
The Chaam and Tricht tornado, June 1967
Tornadoes in the Netherlands - an article which I wrote for The Journal of Meteorology in 2001
Record weather on Royal Wedding Day in the Netherlands, 2nd February 2002 - added 18th Feb 2002

General Topics
My ten most memorable weather events
How the Celsius temperature scale came about
1816 - The year with no summer

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