There's more to Dan Dan the Weatherman than just weather; here's some links to other stuff I like:

Whisky is a great drink. It's spot on. There's so many tastes and nuances between different malts, and dare I say it, blends. My four personal favourites, in no particular order, are The Glenlivet 12 (a bit mainstream, but it does the job), Glenmorangie 15, Highland Park 12 (lightly smoky but full of other flavours), Gordon and MacPhail's Connoisseurs Choice Brae of Glenlivet 1975 (this one is smooth as I don't know what). I have to confess I am something of a whisky snob and don't drink blends, but do ruin a nice whisky by adding a small ice cube to dram.

Incidentally, I am sure drinking whisky is condusive to weight loss should you like a tipple and wish to become sleeker. Think about it....there's more alcohol and less volume in a glass of whisky than a pint of beer. And whisky has so much nose and so many flavours so it doesn't give me the munchies either. Damn, I could go a nice malt right 1500 too early for a whisky?

Anyway, read about it at The Whisky Magazine or better still buy some. I buy my whisky at the The Whisky Castle in Tomintoul.

Want to buy books on the net? It's much easier, if rather clinical, sterile and unromantic, than visiting the shops in person yet incredibly effective! Try these sites - second hand books at: Abebooks and Usedbooksearch and I usually buy new books at Amazon (UK) and sometimes at Sports Books Direct.

Incidentally whereas buying books online is cheap and convienient I'd much rather be buying them at an independent local bookshop. Sadly many places in the UK lack such booksellers, partly due to the internet and partly due to the homogenization of the British high street.

Read about books at Booksurfer, Bookslut, Sparknotes  and the Guardian bookpage. And click here to see a list of books I've recently read.

Middlesbrough FC are the football team I like best. Read about their ups and downs (mainly downs, but of late more ups!) at their official site or their fanzine Fly Me to the Moon.
Dutch football news at the Dutch football magazine Voetbal International. Willem II (Willem II), Heerenveen (and here) and De Graafschap are the Dutch teams I look out for.
Scottish lower division football's great (plus you can get a pint at half time)...I've been to see Elgin City, Peterhead, and Brechin City play. Nice grounds good atmosphere. I've also been to see Ross County, but the jobsworth stewards wouldn't let me in for a beer so they don't get a link.
Other footy stuff: I went to see FC Toulouse in France once. Nice shirts.....for the anally retentive there's all manner of stats at the RSSSF soccer stats website and there's football news at the BBC and football365. Have a look at Aki Riihilahti's web site - this chap plays for Crystal Palace and has some interesting observations.

William Hogarth painted some really great stuff which operates on so many different levels, and provides a fantastic social commentary on 18th century Britain. Visit Haley and Steele's Hogarth page to find out more. Mondriaan painted some great stuff. I don't get his modern stuff at all, but some of his early stuff was bang on - have a swizz at Bomen aan het gein on Henk van Dorp's website. Canadian painter Lawren Harris also painted some bang on stuff - have a look here and here.

Filling my face
Peckish and not sure what to have for your tea? Seeking some inspiration at the stove? There's some great recipes here on the BBC site. And here are some great soup recipes.

British Counties
Not sure what county you really live in? Well it's part of your heritage so you should know. Shame on you. The Association of British Counties will put you right.

Darts is a cracking sport. Click here to find out the goings on in the world of darts.

Here's a even better sport. Here's some good sites: British boxing magazine Boxing Monthly,,,, the BBC and Compubox, boxing articles at the International Boxing Hall of Fame, American TV channel HBO, records of boxers and loads of other stuff at Boxrec, boxing in Las Vegas and boxing in Japan and the Orient from Joe Koizumi. Looking to buy some boxing memorabilia? Visit Lion Street Books - they might well have what you're looking for!

The Simpsons and other TV programmes I like
TV's great. I watch too much of it. Here's some links to stuff about programmes I'm into:
Doh!! The Simpsons: This site will tell you everything you want to know about The Simpsons.
Good point not interested, Futurama's cool as well: you can find episode guides to Futurama here and here.
Get your trousers on you're nicked! The Sweeney's like the police in the UK used to be. Apparently: here and here is stuff about The Sweeney.
I hated Friends when it was popular. Seems quite funny now: Here's an episode guide.

I was in an earthquake in July 2002 - I felt earth tremours epicentered close to the southeastern Netherlands one morning. By northwestern European standards it was quite a big 'quake too! Anyway, I felt a shaking sensation, not unlike what you might feel you were sat in a room by a road and a massive truck drove past or if someone was in bed next to you and turned over rather suddenly and energetically. Find out about earthquakes in Britain here at the British Geological Survey.

Stuff about the Netherlands
The Netherlands is the best country in the world. I used to live there. In Soest. The Dutch, like the English, use lots of idioms and sayings when speaking. Of course this can render some sentences an absolute mystery if you don't know the expressions being used. So, find some translations of Dutch and English sayings here. Here for some Dutch slang.
Links to lots of things Dutch at the Netherlands and Dutch Page, Lowlands-Land the Holland ring.
Dear Henry Letters' written by Brian Branson are a very amusing view of life in the Netherlands! If you've lived in the Netherlands for a while you'll sympathize with some of these letters!!!

Links to sites which I used to make this site
In order to build my web site I had to learn something about HTML, Java and all that jazz. I consulted a number of sources and the most useful was the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page by Paul McFedries. Have a look his website. There's lots of other sites that'll help you build a web site. Here's the ones that I looked at and used bits of: Sharky's Frames Tutorial and John Gilson's site for an intro to some HTML stuff. The Idiot's book was more useful though! You can do some nice stuff with javascript - find out more at and Paul McFedries javascript page.,, clipart warehouse and have lots of stuff you can put on your website and State of Entropy helps you use Paint Shop Pro, a programme I use for graphics.

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Dan Suri, 11 April 2006