British Weather Records
Highest maximum temperature (ie hottest day on record) 38.1C Gravesend, 10 August 2003
Lowest minimum temperature (ie coldest night on record) -27.2C Braemar, Grampian, 11 February 1895 
& 10 January 1982 Altnaharra, Highland, 30 December 1995
Highest sea level pressure 1054.7mb Aberdeen, Grampian, 31 January 1902
Lowest sea level pressure 925.5mb Ochtertyre, near Crieff, Tayside, 26 January 1884
Highest 24 hour precipitation 279mm Martinstown, Dorset, 18-19 July 1955
Highest precipitation in one month (ie wettest month on record) 1,436mm Llyn Llydau, Gwynedd, October 1909
Highest precipitation in one year (ie wettest 12 month period on record) 6,527mm Sprinkling Tarn, Cumbria, 1954
Highest average annual precipitation (ie wettest place) 4,391mm Styhead Tarn, Cumbria
Lowest average annual precipitation (ie driest place) 513 mm Lee Wick Farm, St. Osyth Essex
Sunniest month 384 hours Eastbourne and Hastings, Sussex, July 1911
Heaviest hailstone 141g Horsham, Sussex, 5 September 1958
Highest recorded gust 278 km/hr Cairn Gorm Summit, 20 March 1986

Various sources, including the TORRO website, UKMO website and various books about British weather.

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Dan Suri, 12 August 2003