Canadian Weather Records
Highest maximum temperature (ie hottest day on record) 45.0C Midale & Yellow Grass, both Saskatchewan, 5 July 1937
Lowest minimum temperature (ie coldest night on record) -63.0C Snag, Yukon,3 February 1947
Highest sea level pressure 1079.5mb Dawson, Yukon,2 February 1989
Lowest sea level pressure 940.2mb St. Anthony, Newfoundland, 20 January 1977
Highest 24 hour precipitation 489.2mm Ucluelet Brynnor Mines, British Columbia, 6 October 1967
Highest precipitation in one month (ie wettest month on record) 2,235.5mm Swanson Bay, British Columbia, November 1917
Highest precipitation in one year (ie wettest year on record) 8,122.4mm Henderson Lake, British Columbia,1931
Highest average annual precipitation (ie wettest place) 6,655mm Henderson Lake, British Columbia
Lowest average annual precipitation (ie driest place) 12.7mm Arctic Bay, North West Territories
Highest average number of days with thunder (ie thunderiest place) 34 days London, Ontario
Heaviest hailstone 290g Cedoux, Saskatchewan, 27 August 1973
Greatest snowfall in one season 2,446.5cm Revelstoke, British Columbia,1971-72
Greatest snowfall in 24 hours 145.0cm Tahtsa Lake, British Columbia, 11 February 1999
Highest recorded gust 201.1km/hr Cape Hopes Advance, Quebec,18 November 1931

PHILLIPS, D. (1990): The Climates of Canada, Canadian Government Publishing, p176.
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