World Weather Records
Highest maximum temperature (ie hottest day on record) 58.0C Al’azizyah, Libya, 13 September 1922
Lowest minimum temperature (ie coldest night on record) -89.6C Vostok, Antartica, 23 July 1983
Highest sea level pressure 1085.6mb Tosontsengel, Mongolia 19 December 2001
Lowest sea level pressure 870mb Eye of Typhoon Tip, Pacific Ocean near Guam, 12 October 1979
Highest 24 hour precipitation 1,869.9mm Cilaos, La Reunion Island, 15 March 1952
Highest precipitation in one month (ie wettest month on record) 9,300mm Cherrapunji, India, July 1861
Highest precipitation in one year (ie wettest 12 month period on record) 25,461.2mm Cherrapunji, India, August 1860 to July 1861
Highest average annual precipitation (ie wettest place) Possibly 11,684mm Mt. Waialeaie, Kauai, Hawaii
See this link for more about where the world's wettest place is.
Lowest average annual precipitation (ie driest place) Just over 0.0mm Arica, Atacama Desert, Chile
Highest average number of days with thunder (ie thunderiest place) 322 days Bogor, Indonesia
Heaviest hailstone 15,000g Guangdong province, China, 19 April 1995
Greatest snowfall in one season 3,110.2cm Paradise, Mt Rainer, Washington State USA, 1971-72
Greatest snowfall in 24 hours 193.0cm Silver Lake, Colorado, USA, 14-15 April 1921
Highest recorded gust (in a tornado)
Highest recorded gust (non-tornadic)
508.8 km/hr Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, 3 May 1999
371 km/hr Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, USA, 12 April 1934

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Dan Suri, 15 April 2002