Maximum Temperature Records for various places around the world

For some reason I'm quite intrigued as to what the highest maximum temperatures recorded are for places around the world. I suppose someone's got to be, but in may case there's no logic to this as I really don't like hot weather. In fact, if the temperature stayed between 13C and 24C all year round I'd be quite happy!!! Anyway, without further ado here are some record maximum temperatures from around the world:

Where How Hot When
De Bilt nr. Utrecht, the Netherlands 36.8C 27 June 1947
Eelde nr. Groningen, the Netherlands 36.8C 23 June 1944
De Kooy nr. Den Helder, the Netherlands 33.8C 4 August 1990
Vlissingen, the Netherlands 34.9C 23 May 1922
Beek nr. Maastricht, the Netherlands 38.4C 27 June 1947
Cheltenham, England 37.1C 3 August 1990
Birmingham, England 34.4C 11 August 1911
Dumfries, Scotland 32.8C 2 July 1908
Basel, Switzerland 39.3C 28 July 1921
Seville, Spain 50.0C 4 August 1881
Las Vegas, Nevada 47.2C 24 July 1942
San Francisco, California 39.4C 17 July 1988 and 14 June 2000
Death Valley, California 57.0C 10 July 1913
Seattle, Washington 37.8C 20 July 1994
Phoenix, Arizona 50.0C 26 June 1990
Tucson, Arizona 47.2C 26 June 1990
Anchorage, Alaska 29.4C 14 June 1969
Honululu 34.4C 18 July 1982
Miami, Florida 36.7C 6 August 1954
Miami Beach, Florida 36.7C 15 August 1956
Orlando, Florida 37.8C 26 June 1950
Daytona Beach, Florida 38.9C 15 July 1981
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 41.1C 7 August 1918
Atlantic City, New Jersey 41.1C 28 June 1969
New York Central Park 41.1C 9 July 1936
New York Airport 41.2C 3 July 1966
Boston, Massachusetts 40.0C 4 July 1911
Chicago, Illinois 40.6C 24 July 1934
Salt Lake City, Utah 41.7C 26 July 1960
Los Angeles 43.3C 26 September 1963
San Diego 43.9C 26 September 1963
Louisville, Kentucky 41.7C 24 July 1901, 28 July 1930 & 14 July 1936
Minneapolis 40.6C 13 July 1936
Cincinnati, Ohio 42.8C 21 July 1934
El Paso 45.6C 30 June 1994
Denver 40.6C 8 August 1878
Edmonton, Alberta 34.4C 3 June 1970
Calgary, Alberta 36.1C 25 July 1933
Lethbridge, Alberta 39.4C 10 July 1973
Dauphin, Manitoba 39.2C 22 May 1980
Winnipeg, Manitoba 42.2C 11 July 1936
Whitehorse, Yukon 34.4C 14 June 1969
Windsor, Ontario 40.2C 25 June 1988
London, Ontario 38.2C 25 June 1988
Niagara Falls, Ontario 38.3C 26 August 1948
Kingston, Ontario 34.3C 15 July 1983
Toronto, Ontario 38.3C 25 August 1948
Regina, Saskatchewan 43.3C 5 July 1937
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories 32.2C 9 July 1964
Montreal, Quebec 37.6C 1 August 1976
Vancouver, British Columbia 33.3C 9 August 1960
Prince Rupert, British Columbia 28.7C 14 August 1977
Charlottetown, PEI 34.4C 12 August 1944
Halifax, Nova Scotia 34.4C 22 August 1976
Saint John, New Brunswick 34.4C 22 August 1976
Tokyo, Japan 37.9C 24 July 2001
Hong Kong 36.1C 19 August 1900 and 18 August 1990
Canberra, Australia 42.2C 11 January 1939
Hobart, Tasmania 40.8C 4 January 1976

One or two surprising things came out of this spot of research; some places that might have been expected to have a higher record maximum temperature than others didn't; for example, the record maximum temperature in De Bilt in the middle of the Netherlands is higher than that of Barcelona in Spain, Colombo in Sri Lanka, Miami, USA, Hong Kong and Honululu in Hawaii.

Obviously I didn't know all these facts off the top of my head. Some I discovered myself, but the I had to hunt around for the vast majority. Below you'll find a list of my sources. Incidentally, if any of these facts turn out to be wrong, or records quoted get broken please  and let me know. Thanks.

Historical climate summaries for the southeastern USA
Canadian Climate Normals
The Climate of Las Vegas

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Dan Suri, last updated 8 July 2002