German Weather Records
Highest maximum temperature (ie hottest day on record) 40.2C Garmersdorf bei Amberg (Oberpfalz), 27 July 1983
Lowest minimum temperature (ie coldest night on record) -37.8C Hull, 12 February 1929
Highest sea level pressure 1057.8mb Berlin/Dahlem, 23 January 1907
Lowest sea level pressure 948.6mb Osnabruck, 26 February 1989
Highest 24 hour precipitation 312mm Zinnwald-Georgenfeld (Erzgebergte), 12-13 August 2002
Highest precipitation in one month (ie wettest month on record) 777mm Oberreute/Kr. Lindau (Bodensee), May 1933
777mm Stein/Kr. Rosenheim (Oberbayern), July 1954
Highest precipitation in one year (ie wettest year on record) 3503mm Balderschwang/Allgau (1050m), 1970
Lowest precipitation in one year (ie driest year on record) 242mm Straussfurt (Thuringen), 1911
Sunniest month 403 hours Kap Arkona/Rugen, July 1994

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Dan Suri, 13 August 2002