Dan Dan the Weatherman's Antarctic Photos Page

Here you'll find a selection of photos I've made in the Antarctic - click on the photo to make it bigger!
Me down a crevasse Me going down a crevasse Iceberg in Laubeuf Fjord with Pourqoui Pas Island in the background Leonie Island
Strange cloud over a mountain Me outside a tent Aeroplane landing at Rothera Mountain with cap cloud
Me in front of a snow cat Plan of what's what at Rothera base The sun over Leonie Island and the water to Rothera Icebergettes in Hanger Cove
broken sea ice from 6000 feet meltwater, glacier and hills on the western edge of King George VI Sound Fossil Bluff hut Arriving back at Rothera after an afternoon out
Sky Blu nunatak blue ice runway at Sky Blu plane being unloaded at Sky Blu My room at Rothera
Adelie Penguin posing for the camera. Say cheese!!! Icebergs, bergy bits and growlers A Weddell Seal taking it easy Adelie Penguin being photogenic again
Me about to release a weather balloon A big blue iceberg An elephant seal doing it's best to be cute. You'll never be a penguin son! A really big iceberg!

Dan Suri, 7 February 2005. Click here to go back to my home page and click  to email me.