Dan Dan the Weatherman next to a snowcat, below Reptile Ridge, Antarctic Peninsula Jan 2005Hi and welcome to my site! I'm Dan Suri, a weather forecaster from the UK. I currently work for the British national weather service, the Met Office, in principle at their HQ in Exeter, but weather forecasting has given me a chance to travel around a bit with work...for example, I do jobs on crane barges in the North and Norwegian Seas with the oil/gas industry and from time to time I get to work on the Falklands.

I've been a bit of a nomad though and not always worked for the Met Office; I started my career working in Birmingham for a company called WSI Europe after completing a degree at the University of Birmingham, I spent a couple of years working for the Dutch weather forecasting company Weathernews Benelux and I also spent a short time working in Toronto for the Canadian weather channel The Weather Network. More recently in 2005 I was seconded to the British Antarctic Survey and spent 10 weeks working at Rothera on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Anyway, there's more to me than just the weather. This site started off as being mostly about weather and a forum to publish weather stuff I'm interested in or had knocked together. However, as time has progressed I've increasingly added other stuff I like, such as pictures of my time in the Antarctic, brief reviews of books I've read, pictures of penguins and links to other stuff I'm interested in.