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I've assembled as many interesting weather facts as I can to make this world weather trivia page. Obviously I didn't know all these facts off the top of my head. Some I discovered myself, but the I had to hunt around for the vast majority. The internet was, needless to say, a particulary handy source, especially regarding American weather. Another good source proved to be old weather periodicals, such as The Meteorological Magazine  which seemed much more intent on facts and figures than research. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you'll find a list of sources. Incidentally, if any of these facts turn out to be wrong, or records quoted get broken please  and let me know. Thanks.

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Aug 1
1975 Montreal records it's hottest day on record as temperatures reach 37.6C.
1977 840mm rain falls in just 6 hours at Muduocaidang, China. After 10 hours an incredible 1400mm rain had fallen. 6
1985 Wyoming registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 153.9mm rain falls at Cheyenne. 11

Aug 2
1975 The hottest day on record on Rhode Island as temperatures reach 40C in Providence. Meanwhile, it was also the hottest day on record in nearby Massachussetts where New Bedford and Chester registered highs of 41.7C. Temperatures also reached 38-40C in coastal areas of Maine. Later the day became known as 'Hot Saturday'. 9
1990 Wales' hottest day on record; temperatures reach 35.2C at Hawarden Bridge, Clwyd.
2002 August 2002 was very wet in northern England. Between 2100GMT on the 1st and 1200GMT on the 2nd 90mm rain fell in Leeming, North Yorkshire, 26mm in just one hour, leading to flood warnings on a number of rivers. At Leeming 122.9mm rain had fallen between 0900GMT on 30th July and 0600GMT 2nd August.  The average August rainfall here is 62mm. Meanwhile, in Scarborough close to 50mm rain fell in 2 days, leading to local flooding. Here it was some of the worst weather in 50 years.

Aug 3
1898 One of Philadelphia's worst thunderstorms on record; 148.3mm rain falls in just 2 hours. 20
1948 The Netherlands registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 208mm rain falls at Voorthuizen.
1970 One of the worst hurricanes on record in Texas. Hurricane Celia makes landfall near Port Aransas. Corpus Christie bore the brunt of the storm - winds reached 125mph (200kmh) gusting 161mph (258kmh) and caused severe damage to the city. Peak gusts were estimated to have reached 180mph (288kmh) at Aransas Pass and even 250 miles inland at Del Rio Celia still gusted to 89mph (142kmh). Celia killed 11, inhured 466, caused $454 million damage and destroyed 8950 homes along the coastal bend of Texas. 20
1987 A thunderstorm at Cheynne, Wyoming causes $37 million damage and dumps hail up to 5cm in diameter on the city. 20
1990 The UK's secod hottest day on record; temperatures reach 37.1C at Cheltenhan, Gloucestershire.
1995 South Bend, Indiana records its wettest 24 hours ever as 122.7mm rain falls. 20

Aug 4
1881 Iberia and Europe's hottest day on record. Temperatures in Seville, Spain reach 50.0C whilst across the border in Los Riodades registers both Europe's and Portugal's record high of 50.5C.
1980 In Dallas, the last 42 days had seen highs above 38.7C (100F), a record in the city. There were another 18 '100 degree days' in August and 4 in September. July was the hottest month on record here (perhaps not surprisingly) and there was just one day with rain in July and none in August. 20
1987 Morning thunderstorms in western Nebraska dumped 221.2mm rain on Dalton whilst in Dix hail up to 10cm in diameter fell up to a depth of more than a metre in some places. 20

Aug 5
1961 Temperatures reach 47.8C in Ice Harbor Dam, Washington, the state's hottest day on record. 9
1994 Temperatures reached a high of 36.2C in Milan, Italy, the hottest day of the 1990's here. Meanwhile on the same day temperatures in Fairbanks, Alaska reached 33.4C, the hottest August day on record here. 20, 25
2002 Tropical Storm Bertha became the first tropical system of the 2002 Atlantic hurricane to make landfall over the US. Bertha dumped 181.4mm rain on Pascagoula, Mississippi in the 24 hours between 0000 GMT on the 5th and 0000 GMT on the 6th. Meanwhile, in the 6 hours between 0600 and 1200 GMT on the 6th Bertha dumped 68mm on St. Louis, Missouri.

Aug 6
1905 Indiana registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 266.7mm rain falls at Princeton. 11
1918 A heavtwave extending along the US Atlantic coast from the Carolinas to southern New England led to highs reaching 41.1C in Washington DC, the hottest day on record here (a record equalled on July 20th 1930) whilst in Maryland highs reached 42.8C in both Cumberland and Keedysville, the highest temperature ever recorded in Maryland. The next day highs peaked at 41.1C in Philadelphia, the hottest day on record here. 20
1958 Hurricane Dot crossed Kauai in the Hawaiian islands producing mean winds of 103mph (165kmh) gusting to 125mph (200kmh) and over 150mm rain. On Hawaii itself Dot dumped more than 230mm rain. 20
1969 Iowa registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 424.2mm rain falls at Decatur County. 11
1986 An intense thunderstorm at Milwaukee dumped 173.7mm rain in 24 hours on the city. At one various stages of the storm 27.8mm fell in 5 minutes, 61.5mm fell in half an hour and 133.1mm fell in two hours. Most of the rainfall fell within a 6 hour period. 20
1993 Severe thunderstorms produced 18 tornadoes in Virginia in a 5 hour period. One, a F4, killed 4 and injured 246 in Petersburg. 20
2002 103mm rain falls in the 30 hours ending 1200 GMT on the 6th in Warsaw, Poland. The average August rainfall here is 70mm. Meanwhile, showers and thunderstorms dump a fair amount of rain over Florida; between 0100 on the 6th and 0100 on the 7th (local time) 65.8mm fell at St. Petersburg-Clearwater airport, 65.0mm at Tampa, 19.3mm at Miami International Airport and 28.2mm at Orlando Executive Airport.

Aug 7
1904 89 train passengers were drowned during flash flooding near Pueblo, California when a bridge collapsed. 20
1969 Cuba's hottest day on record; temperatures reach 38.6C at Guantánamo.
2003 The Netherlands records one of its hottest days on records; temperatures reach 37.8C in Arcen.

Aug 8
1878 Denver, Colorado's hottest day on record; highs reach 40.6C. 20
1883 A ship on Lake Michigan (one of the Great Lakes) and shore points around the lake report snow showers. 20
1923 Temperatures in Toulouse, France reach 43.9C. At the time this was believed to be the hottest day ever recorded in France. 23
1989 Early evening thunderstorms over Las Vegas generate gusts up to 116mph (186 kmh) which damage or destroy 82 aircraft at Henderson Sky Harbor Aiport and McCarran International Airport. 20
1995 Ohio registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 273.1mm rain falls at Lockington Dam. 11
2002 Between 0000 GMT 5th August and 1200 GMT 8th August 435mm rain fell in Wando, just off the south coast of South Korea. The average August rainfall here is 166mm. 212mm of this rain fell in the the 12 hours between 0000 GMT and 1200 GMT on the 7th and 278mm of it fell in the 36 hours between 0000 GMT on the 6th and 1200 GMT on the 7th.

Aug 9
1930 Temperatures reach 45C in Perryville, Tennessee, the state's hottest day on record. 9
2003 Temperatures reach 32.9C in Greycrook, Scotland which is Scotland's hottest day on record. 36

Aug 10
1898 Temperatures reach 48.3C in Pendleton, Oregon, the state's joint hottest day on record. 9
1936 Temperatures reach 48.9C in Ozark, Arkansas, the state's hottest day on record. It's also Lousiana's hottest day on record as temperatures at Plain Dealing reach 45.6C. 9
1951 Romania's hottest day on record; temperatures reach 44.5C in Ion Sion.
1975 Temperatures reach 36.4C in Holstebro, Denmark, Denmark's hottest day on record.
2003 The hottest day on record in the UK. Gravesend records 38.1C and Brogdale (near Faversham) records 38.5C. On the same day parts of northeastern England were affected by an intense thunderstorm; at Carlton-in-Cleveland 47mm rain fell in just 12 minutes, 30mm of it in just 5 minutes. This is the highest 5 minute rainfall total ever recorded in the UK. Hail up to 20mm in diameter also fell. This rainfall rate (which equates to between 360 and 235 mm/hr) is the most intense on record in the UK for a sub 10 minute storm. 35

Aug 11
1831 A violent hurricane strikes Barbados on the 10th and 11th leaving 1500 to 2000 dead. 7
1933 Highs in San Luis, Mexico reaches 58C. 7
2003 Switzerland records its hottest day on record as temperatures reach 41.5C in Grono.

Aug 12
1936 Texas' hottest day on record. Temperatures peak at 48.9C at Seymour.
2002 Temperatures on the north coast of Crete reach highs of 41.6C at Souda Airport and 44.4C at Iraklion. Temperatures here generally only reach 36-39C at best and in fact prior to the 11th and 12th August temperatures at Iraklion had only twice been close to or over 40C since 1980; once on 4th July 1998 when highs came close to 44C and again on 11th September 1989 when highs were just short of 40C. The 44.4C on this day may well be a record, and incredibly temperatures here were already up to 42C by 0900GMT, just before a sea breeze kicked in to prevent temperatures getting too high, and say, topping 45C!

Aug 13
1947 Victoria in Australia records its coldest night on record when lows at Mt. Hotham drop down to -12.8C. 13
2002 Germany registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 312mm rain falls between the morning of the 12th and the morning of the 13th at Zinnwald-Georgenfeld in Erzgebergte. The storm responsible dumped 374mm rain in 36 hours.
2003 The joint hottest day on record in Germany; temperatures reach 40.2C in Karlsruhe.

Aug 14
1936 Temperatures in eastern Kansas widely exceed 43C whilst Kansas City, Missouri records its hottest day in record when highs reach 45C. 7
1975 The Hampstead Storm, London. A localized torrential downpour produces 170.8mm rain in 155 minutes at Hampstead Heath. Just two miles away London Weather Centre recorded about 5mm rain from the same storm. One man died in the storm, the Underground was flooded, sewer manhole covers were forced up and within 5 minutes of the start of the storm a hundred homes were flooded with more than a metre of water. 14
1987 Thunderstorms dumped lots of rain on Chicago's northern and western suburbs.  O'Hare airport had 237.5mm rain in 18 hours which thrashed the city's previous 24 hour precipitation record of 158.5mm.  The ensuign floods closed the airport, the first time it had been closed due tot weather outside of winter. 20
2002 Highs in Boston, Massachussetts reached 38.3C, equalling their August record high set on August 2nd 1975. The August average here is about 27C. Their record high was set on July 4th 1911 when highs peaked at 40C.
2002 136mm rain fell on Vienna, Austria during the 3 days to 0600 GMT on the 14th. The monthly average here is 69mm. In the nearby mountains 4 or 5 times the monthly average rainfall fell.

Aug 15
1281 A typhoon over the Sea of Japan becomes known as "The Divine Wind" or Kamikaze when it destroys an approaching Chinese invasion fleet. 7
1987 Temperatures reach 38.4C in Barcelona, the hottest day on record here. 10
2002 In Odessa, on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, recorded 106mm in the 12 hours up to 1800 GMT on the 15th. The average August rainfall here is 32.6mm. The rain was caused by the same weather system responsible for some of central Europe's worst flooding on record.

Aug 16
1977 Elvis dies in Memphis, Tennessee where it was a sunny day with highs reaching 34.4C after an overnight low of 24.4C.

Aug 17
1885 Amos, California records the USA's highest August temperature on record. Highs reached 54C. 20
1915 A hurricane made landfall near Galveston, Texas producing sustained winds of 120mph and killing 275. 20
1969 Hurricane Camille made landfall at Pass Christian, Mississippi producing a storm surge over 7m high. Sustained winds reached 190mph with gusts over 200mph and 146 were killed and 5,571 injured. Damage from the hurricane cost more than a billion a dollars. Camille turned out to be the 11th deadliest and 12th costliest hurricane to strike the USA in the 20th century. Camillie is also the 2nd most intense hurricane to strike the USA in the 20th century and one of the top 100 deadliest hurricanes to strike the North Atlantic Basin since 1492. 20, 28
2002 36mm rain fell in just 6 hours during the morning and early afternoon in Alexandroupolis, northeastern Greece; the August average rainfall here is 18mm.
2002 Between the 14th and 17th East London on the southeastern coast of South Africa was very wet; during a 72 hour period 327mm rain fell, 292mm of it in a 42 hour period between 0600 GMT on the 14th and 0000 GMT on the 16th of which an incredible 210mm fell in just 3 hours during the evening of the 15th. The average August rainfall here is 43mm. East London wasn't the only place hit by severe weather during this period; Port Alfred recorded 76.0mm, Patensie 59.6mm, Port Elizabeth 68.5mm and Uitenhage 80.6mm.

Aug 18
1936 The hottest afternoon on record in Iowa. The average high of for the 113 weather reporting stations was 41.4C. 20
1955 Boston's wettest 24 hour period occurs during 18-19th; the passage of Hurricane Diane (after making landfall over the Carolinas) dumps 213.4mm rain in 24 hours on Boston and causes devastating floods across much of New England. 27
1983 Measuring category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, Hurricane Alicia made landfall near Galveston, Texas. On Galveston Island winds gusted to 130mph and there was a storm surge nearly 4m high. Meanwhile, in Houston winds gusted to 78mph. The hurricane also spawned 22 tornadoes in a 24 period, killed 13 people and injured 1800. Alicia was the ninth costliest hurricane to strike the USA during the 20th century. 20, 28
1990 Hong Kong's joint hottest day on record; temperatures reached 36.1C.

Aug 19
1559 The first hurricane on record as affecting the USA drove 5 Spanish ships ashore at Pensacola, Florida. 20
1845 One of Europe's worst tornado disasters. A tornado destroys homes and textile and paper mills at and near Monville, France killing at least 70 people and possibly as many as 200 people. 21
1900 Hong Kong's joint hottest day on record; temperatures reached 36.1C.
1939 New Jersey registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 376.2mm rain falls at Tuckerton. 11
1955 Connecticut registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 324.4mm rain falls at Burlington. Meanwhile, on the same nearby Massachusettes also recorded its record maximum 24 hour precipitation with 461.0mm rain falling at Westfield. 11
1985 Highs in Los Angeles reach 40.9C, the hottest August day on record here. 20
1986 Highs in San Antonio, Texas reach 42.2C, the hottest August day on record here. At the time this was also the hottest day on record at any time of the year here, but an early September heat wave in 2000 saw this record tumble. The previous hottest day on record here was 41.7C set on 20 August 1909. 20
1991 Hurricane Bob hit southern New England. Winds reached 80mph gusting 110mph at the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier and gusts reached 125mph at Block Island, Rhode Island, 105mph at Newport Rhode Island, 100mph over Cape Cod and 93mph at Blue Hill, Maine. 198.9mm fell in 24 hours at Portland, Maine, the wettest 24 hour period on record here. 17 people were killed by Bob and as well as being the USA's joint 10th costliest hurricane of the 20th Century Bob was also the worst hurricane to hit New England since Donna in 1960. 20

Aug 20
1890 901.7mm rain falls in 24 hours at Tanabe, Japan on the 19th and 20th. 23
1969 Hurricane Camille (see August 17th) was merely a tropical depression by the 20th when she moved across the Mid-Atlantic states. Nevertheless this tropical depression still packed a punch and produced some very wet weather over Virginia where extreme flooding killed 109 people. Virginia also registered its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 685.8mm rain fell at Nelson County. 11, 20
1997 The remnants of Tropical Storm Ignacio produced some unusually heavy rain for the time of year in San Francisco, California; 18.5mm rain fell, making this the second wettest August day ever. Meanwhile, across on the other side of the USA, 282.4mm rain fell in 24 hours at Atlantic City International Airport. This is the greatest single day rainfall here. The storm responsible for this wet weather dumped a total of 343.4mm rain on the airport. 7
2002 Southern Turkey is normally very dry in the summer. For example, the average August rainfall at Mugla in southwestern Turkey is just 8mm. However in the 3 hours between 0900GMT and 1200GMT 26mm fell during a thunderstorm.

Aug 21
1889 15mm rain falls at Los Angeles, the record 24 hour rainfall here. This spell of rain ensured that Aug 1889 became Los Angeles’ wettest August on record. 7
1925 Temperatures reach 43.3C in Fayetteville, North Carolina, the state's hottest day on record. 9
1992 It snowed in central and southern Alberta. In some places in snowed until the 23rd and snow was 60cm deep in places. It was also Edmonton's earliest snowfall since records began in 1884.
1997 140 are killed when one of China’s worst typhoons in a decade hits Zhejiang and Jiangsu. 7

Aug 22
1976 Newfoundland, Canada records its hottest day on record when temperatures peak at 36.7C in Botwood. It's the hottest day on record in St. John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia too as temperatures reach 34.4C in both these cities.
1994 Hurricane John became the strongest hurricane on record in the central Pacific when sustained winds 390 miles south of Hilo, Hawaii reached 170mph and the pressure in the eye of the storm dropped to 920mb. John was the third catergory 5 hurricane in a month in the central pacific, something which had never happened since records began. 20
2002 96mm rain fell in just 6 hours during the early hours in Chicago casuing local flooding and transport problems. On average 56mm falls in the whole of August here. The system that led to this wet weather caused flooding in other parts of Illinois on the 21st.

Aug 23
1921 55.9mm rain fell in just one hour at Denver, Colorado. 20
1933 The Mid-Atlantic region was hit by a major hurricane, the only time on record this has happened. The hurricane made landfall at Nag's Head, North Carolina and then tracked into Chesapeake Bay where it generated the highest tidal bore on record there. The hurricane produced gusts up to 88mph at Norfolk, Virginia and flooded 60% of Atlantic City and parts of Philadelphia. 20
1944 The Netherlands' hottest day on record; temperatures reach 38.6C at Warnsveld near Zutphen in the east of the country.
1992 Record early snow and cold temperatures in central parts of northern Montana. 12-13cm snow fell at Great Falls, Montana the first time in 100 years that snow had fallen here in August. Meanwhile, at Many Glacier 33-34cm snow fell. Great Falls and Billings also recorded their record August lows as temperatures dipped to 0C and 4C respectively. 20
1992 Hurricane Andrew struck Eleuthera Island in the northern Bahamas producing 150mph winds and a storm surge close to 7m high. 3 people were killed. Meanwhile in Nassau winds gusted to 115mph. 20
1998 The remnants of Tropical Storm Charley hit Del Rio, Texas dumping 432.6mm rain on the city, the largest one day rainfall total on record here. 20

Aug 24
1906 235mm rain fell in just 40 minutes at Guinea, Virginia. 20
1918 A shower of fish fell at Sunderland, northeastern England. 23
1984 The remnants of Tropical Storm Holly bring heavy rain and snow to parts of southern Alaska. 7
1990 Thunderstorms over Lomg Island dumped 125-175mm rain over the area and in Islip 173.5mm rain fell in 8 hours. Flooding led to parts of some highways to be closed. 20
1992 Measuring catergory 5 on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, Hurricane Andrew hit southern Florida making landfall at Homestead where winds were 165mph gusting 181mph. The central pressure in the eye of the hurricane was 922 millibars. At the National Hurricane Center at Coral Gables winds reached 115mph gusting 164mph. Andrew generated a storm surge of just over 5 metres. 41 people were killed in Florida by Andrew, more than 250,000 were left homeless and more than 125,000 homes were destroyed. Andrew is the costliest hurricane ever to strike the USA and the behind Hurricane Camille in 1969 and the Labor Day hurricane of 1935 the third strongest hurricane on record to affect the USA. 7, 20
2002 Tlemce, northwestern Algeria gets on average 2.5mm rain in the whole of August but between 0600 GMT on the 23rd and 0600 GMT on the 24th 45mm rain fell as thunderstorms moved across northern Algeria. Meanwhile, in Ibiza 60mm rain fell between 1800 GMT on the 23rd and 1200 GMT on the 24th. The average August rainfall here is 60mm.
2002 Prolonged heavy showers and thunderstorms affected the Netherlands dumping more than 50mm rain in 21 places in less than 24 hours, something which has only happened 13 times previously since 1951. There was widespread flooding from the rain and the wettest places included Zevenbergen (near Rotterdam) with 130mm, Weesp (near Amsterdam) with 101mm and 88mm in Gouda.

Aug 25
1814 What is thought to be a tornado hit Washington DC, killing about 30 British troops occupying the city. 20
1948 3 people are killed and 80 are injured when a tornado hits the towns of Hamilton and Frankton in New Zealand. 21
1948 Toronto's hottest day on record; temperatures reach 38.3C.
2002 77mm rain falls in the 18 hours to 1200 GMT at Perpignan, southern France. This around two and half times their average August rainfall.

Aug 26
1895 Snow flurries affected parts of Pennsylvania, New York and New England with snow observed as far south as Hartford, Connecticut. 20
1976 A weak tornado struck the Hockley Hills near Kiana, Alaska which is just inside the Arctic Circle. 20
1992 A few days after hitting southern Florida and moving away into the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Andrew made landfall for a second time near Burns Point, Louisiana this time as a catergory 3 storm. 92mph winds gusting to 108mph were recorded in Morgan City, Louisiana and in Hammond, Louisiana 302.8mm rain fell in 24 hours. Andrew also spawned a tornado which tracked 9 miles from Laplace to Reserve, Louisiana killing 2 and injuring another 32. All in all this second landfall from Andrew killed 6 people and the remnants of Andrew went on to spawn 47 tornadoes in the next 2 or 3 days in southern and mid-Atlantic states. 20
1948 Niagara Falls records its hottest day on record as highs reached 38.3C.
2002 In the 30 hours ending 1200 GMT on the 26th 107mm rain fell in Nimes, southern France causing local flooding. The average August rainfall here is 45mm.

Aug 27
1881 335 people were killed when a hurricane hit Georgia. Savannah and Charleston were among the worst affected places. 20
1893 More than 1,000 people were killed by a hurricane induced storm surge at Charleston, South Carolina. The hurricane made landfall at Savannah, Georgia where winds reached 120mph. 20
1948 Temperatures reached 37.2C in Buffalo, New York, the hottest day on record here. 20
1964 Miami and south Florida was hit by a hurricane for the first time since 1950. Hurricane Cleo brought 100mph winds gusting 135mph to Miami. 20
1970 93mm rain fell in just one hour at Elko, Nevada. 20
1973 Canada's heaviest ever recorded hailstone falls at Cedoux in Saskatchewan. It weighs 290g which, in European Union countries, is just a little bit more than a pack of butter weighs!
1986 Rain, snow and ice pellets fell at Sault Ste Marie, Michigan during the evening. This is the first time wintry precipitation fell here in August since records begun in July 1888. 20
1995 South Carolina registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 431.8mm rain falls at Antreville. 11

Aug 28
1961 La Coruna on the tip of northwestern Spain records its hottest day on record as temperatures peak at 39.6C. Oh, and by the way, if it thunders in La Coruna there's a 50% chance that it'll thunder it the Netherlands within the next 24 hours! 10
1971 For the second day in a row New Jersey was hit by heavy rain from Tropical Storm Doria which made landfall over western Long Island and southwestern Connecticut before moving away north northeastwards. Winds on the southern New England coast gusted to 75mph whilst Newark, New Jersey recorded their record 24 precipitation when 199.1mm rain fell in 24 hours. The Princeton-Millstone area of New Jersey was even wetter with around 280mm rain falling in 36 hours. Needless to day there were problems with flooding. This was the worst tropical storm/hurricane activity in New England since Hurricane Donna in 1960. 20
1990 29 were killed and 350 injured when an F5 tornado struck Kendall and Will Counties in northern Illinois. 20
1992 Typhoon Omar hit Guam in the western Pacific with winds of 125mph. Gusts of 150mph and 170mph were recorded at Andersen Air Force Base, where 416.9mm rain fell, and Agana Naval Air Station respectively. This was Guam's strongest typhoon since Typhoon Pamela in 1976. 20

Aug 29
1962 Louisiana registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 558.8mm rain falls at Hackberry. 11
1965 The USA’s snowiest August day on record is recorded when around 6cm snow falls on Mount Washington, New Hampshire. Meanwhile, overnight lows dropped below freezing in parts of Vermont. 7
2002 Thunderstorms dumped 120mm rain on Kerkyra, Corfu in the 6 hours between 0600 GMT and 1200 GMT. The average August rainfall here is 18mm.

Aug 30
1839 A hurricane off the northeastern US coasts dumps snow on the Catskill Mountains in New York State. 20
1982 Cold in the northeastern US; 7-8cm snow fell in parts of Vermont and 31 cities in New England recorded record lows. 20
2000 Little Rock, Arkansas and Audubon Park, New Orleans siet record highs reaching 43.9C and 39.4 respectively. 20
2002 Late August 2002 saw Typhoon Rusa strike South Korea causing widespread flooding. Among the rainfall highlights was a fall of 671mm rain in 24 hours on this day at Gangneung in northern South Korea just east of Seoul. This is close to three times their average August rainfall. Meanwhile in Kangnung 915mm fell in 30 hours. 187 people were killed by Rusa, the strongest typhoon to hit South Korea since Sarah in 1959 when 840 died. Rusa also gave eastern and southern South Korea their wettest weather since records began in the 1930's.

Aug 31
1889 15.5mm rain falls in Los Angeles, the wettest 24 hour period in August here, and the largest monthly total for August. 7
1911 1033.8mm rain falls in 24 hours at Funkiko, Japan. 23
1954 Hurricane Carol made landfall in New England producing gusts up to 120mph in southern New England. In Boston winds reached 86mph gusting 100mph. 60 people were killed. This was New England's second worst hurricane of the 20th century and only one in 1938 was worse. 20
1987 Lows dropped to freezing in Aberdeen, North Dakota the first time on record this happened here in August. 20
1993 Hurricane Emily hit the outer banks of North Carolina. Winds at Cape Hatteras gusted to 98-107mph and 190.8mm rain fell. After the eye passed this region winds increased to a peak of 103mph gusting 148mph. 20

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